Rug commissions

a flower rug by a bed, a geometric living room rug, an alpaca rug, a toucan rug, side by side examples of what the artist can make

Cost: ~$100 per square foot for custom rugs depending on the complexity of the subject and the amount of materials used.

If you have a set budget, let me know and we can discuss what's possible within it.

To commission a custom rug, please provide the following information in the form below:

  • Intended use (wall hanging or floor rug)
  • Description of what you’re looking for (reference images are great)
  • Size/measurement expectations
  • Color preferences (if any)


  • A non-refundable deposit of $200 is required before any work begins, this will be deducted from your final cost.
  • You'll have an opportunity to provide one round of feedback on a drawing before I begin tufting your rug.
  • Additional rounds of feedback can be requested but may incur additional cost.
  • All sales are final.

Now, let's create your dream rug!

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